Class Descriptions

We offer private and small group classes for children & adults based on the National Core Arts Standards of connecting artistic ideas with personal meaning and external context. Everything from visual arts to crafts to expressive arts therapy coaching for pre-kindergarten through adult.

Homeschool Classes

We also offer several options for homeschool classes. Arts on the Go is an outstanding program of courses featuring art history, biographical, geographical, and multicultural study.  Each 4 – class course will meet for 4 – 60 minute lessons.  Sign up for a course and get a taste of our great learning experiences or register for a semester and take advantage of our special discounts.

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Visual Arts

Elementary Art (grades preK-6th)

All supplies provided.  We work with various techniques, styles, and mediums, including drawing, painting, collage, and sculpting. Play art games that encourage students to question what we see and engage with masterpieces in a new way. Through viewing, making and discussing artworks, students come to realize that the arts do not exist in isolation, but are always situated within multiple dimensions including time, space, cultures, and history.

Choose a course from 4 weeks – 12 weeks

Pre-K Learn to identify primary colors, mix secondary colors, draw basic lines & shapes with control of pencil and brushes. Create artwork that tells a story and express themselves, build clay forms, work with other kids cooperatively and respectfully.

Art History – Students are exposed to artists by a period from cave paintings- contemporary. Learning about the artists along with the historical periods helps relate the works to our everyday lives.

Geography Through Art – An artistic journey spanning 6 continents. Study maps, history, and cultures of people around the world with a variety of projects from wood to textiles.

Principles of Art & Elements of Design – Learn the 14 basic components necessary for a complete work of art. Students become familiar with important art vocabulary as it applies to personal and historical art works. Discuss ways art influences our emotions as we develop a critical eye for studio and gallery settings. 

Therapeutic Arts Life Coaching- When words are not easy to form, students learn to be expressive with color, basic drawing and creative exercises. The focus is on developing more than one self in order to overcome the past and move onto future goals. Children and adults benefit from the use of art for dealing with trauma (abuse, anxiety, depression, learning disorders, behavioral issues, chronic pain, etc). 

Friday Night Out

Join us for monthly workshops, Fridays from 6-9:00pm or schedule your own private event. Groups alternate between
Teen nights, Ladies’ night and Parent’s night out. Projects include: painting, jewelry making, sculpting, seasonal crafts and more. BYOB

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