Class Descriptions

Private and small group classes for children & adults (contact us for homeschool options)

Each class curriculum is based on National Core Arts Standards of connecting artistic ideas with personal meaning and external context. 
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Intro to the Arts

Designed for young students and students with special needs. This class combines art, dance and music to teach basic knowledge with a goal of inspiring further education. One discipline will be explored each week from painting and playing instruments to creative movement.



Pre-Ballet- Introduction to classroom etiquette. Students explore dance through creative movement, mime and basic ballet runs/ walks, skipping and spinning. They begin to understand being part of a group by forming circles and straight lines.

Beginning (Level 1)- Learn the fundamentals of ballet (proper body positions and stretching, French vocabulary and musicality)

Intermediate (Level 2)- Focus on balance, flexibility, strength and developing movement sequences. Continue to work on technique with attention to finer details, breath and expression. Students are mastering single turns and small jumps.


Beginning- Learn to make tap sounds and their names. dance

Intermediate- Build up to simple on the spot and travelling steps. Begin to coordinate arms and feet.


Blend of modern dance, jazz, and tap-like stomping. Classes encourage students to bring out their own style and personality. Additional strength and stamina is required to successfully perform these steps. Therefore, classes include upper and lower body conditioning with full warm up and cool down.

Visual Art 

Elementary Art (grades preK-6th)                                             IMG_0332

All supplies provided. Students are exposed to artists by period from cave paintings- contemporary. We work with various techniques, styles and mediums, including: drawing, painting, collage and sculpting. Play art games that encourage us to question what we see and engage with masterpieces in a new way. Learning about the artists along with the historic periods helps relate the works to our everyday lives. Through viewing, making and discussing art works, students come to realize that the arts do not exist in isolation, but are always situated within multiple dimensions including: time, space, cultures and history.

Universal Art (all ages)

All supplies provided. Classes apply to a general audience and offer personalized workshops. Designed to be less detailed and more entertaining than the elementary art category. Perfect for parties or one-on-one help with a specific project.

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