Art Struck

Art has the potential to teach respect for each other as well as our possessions. I find it difficult to tell my daughter that she needs to respect her toys. They are so cheap and break so easily even if she is being careful. Imagination, in terms of forming mental images or concepts in a positive thought process, is a good way to use art as a tool for instilling respect even when objects or relationships seem “broken”. Whether creating your own piece of art, viewing others’ work or walking in nature, begin to see what is not present on the surface. To perceive things from the inside out allows us to get to the basics of what matters. This fundamental approach to seeing art in daily life helps by showing that there is good in every situation. That broken toy was fun in its original capacity and can be recreated as a new toy for continued play. The same applies to our interactions with people. Once we understand the essence of each other, we begin to relate based on significant features or characteristics rather than trying to compare individuals. Art and life is about the process not the product. #strikeyourcreativity #studiotogo

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